Although Kennedy Consulting works to assist all job seekers in their search for a new career, KC specializes in assisting, recent college graduates, displaced workers and Job seekeers over 40.

Career Coaching


Group or one-on-one instruction and guidance provided to arm clients with the skills they need to make informed career decisions both in the present and years to come.

Resume/Cover letter Creation and Critique


Whether clients require a newly created resume and cover letter or simply feedback on an existing one, KC is here to work to provide its clients with professional, recruiter-friendly documents designed to solidify an interview.

Career Search Assistance


With so many job search companies available on the Internet or in person, it can be a challenge to know which one will give you the best results. KC is here to help you navigate the deep waters of the career search world and find the right job for you. 

Salary Negotiation


Oftentimes knowing when to talk salary or even how to negotiate the appropriate salary are rarely an area of expertise. KC works with clients to not only negotiate their salary but to feel comfortable and confident doing so.

Application Assistance


It’s not always what an applicant says that matters but how they say it. KC consultants walk step-by-step with job seekers through the application process providing tips to get their information through the Applicant Tracking Systems and to a hiring manager’s hands.

Social Media Branding


Thanks to technology, we have information at our fingertips and because of this it’s important that a job seeker’s online image helps and does not hinder their career aspirations. KC consultants work with job seekers to build a LinkedIn profile but also instruct them on how to use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to their professional benefit. 

Reemployment Assistance


Whether you are the person who has to lay people off or the person getting laid off, the process can be can be an unpleasant and overwhelming experience for both parties. However, it doesn't have to be. Experienced in assisting recently displaced employees reenter into the workforce, Kennedy Consulting is designed to provide clients with the know-how, skill and confidence to not only reenter the workforce but to secure a rewarding career.

Interview Preparation

If you've ever been told, "It's not what you say it's how you say it," forget what you've been told when it comes to the interview process. During an interview, you are not only being judged by what you say but also how you say it. From the moment you step into the interview and shake hands, employer's are paying close attention to your posture, eye contact, demeanor when you respond. If you have no problem securing the interview but have failed to "close the deal" and solidify an offer, Kennedy Consulting possesses the information, tips and know-how to to help you step your interview game up.

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